The ADT holds several assets that provide benefits and a moderate income for the community.  These assets are:

Culag Field

Culag Field (pictured above) was donated to the ADT by the Vesty family.  The field is home to Lochinver FC who maintain the playing field.  The field also acts as a landing area for the emergency helicopter pick up and is presently the home of the annual Lochinver Highland Games.  Footage of the 1953 Lochinver Highland Games can be viewed here - Lochinver Highland Games

The Mission Building

The former Lochinver Seamans Mission was made over to ADT and converted into commercial space that houses An Cala Café and Bunkhouse.  The building is also the home to the Assynt Community Archive, an ongoing project to digitise local historical images, and natural history information.

The Loo at the Lighthouse

The Loo at the Lighthouse (pictured below) was financed by the ADT, sited on Assynt Crofters’ Trust land at the Stoer Lighthouse Carpark, and built by the late Robbie MacKenzie.  It is being managed by Leigh Sedgley.  The composting toilet is a welcome relief for visitors and previous donations of amounts up to approximately £1,700 per year have been used to finance local community projects.

The Loo is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, following the fitting of its coin-operated lock.  The use charge has now been reduced from £1 to 50p, but you will need a 50p coin to operate the lock.

Thanks to Scott Barnes of Scourie for fitting this lock.