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The Luis Gouveia Fund – grants available.

In the early 1990s, a youth exchange was set up in Assynt to send a group of Assynt teenagers to Madeira. The following year Assynt hosted a visit from young Madeirans.

At that time a fund was established to organise more youth exchanges; these never took place but the fund continues to provide financial support to young Assynt residents who wish to travel for the purposes of pursuing charity work, a sporting or cultural endeavour or some such worthy project.

Assynt Development Trust now administers this fund.  Any young Assynt resident at High School, in higher education or on a gap year can apply to the fund for financial support.  In 2019 the Trust has funds available for one or two grants of £250-500.

Any young Assynt resident who fulfils the criteria above and who wishes to apply for a grant should contact either of our two development officers, Ewen McLachlan or Adam Pellant.

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