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Assynt Community Plan

In partnership with the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust and the Sutherland Community Partnership, the Assynt Community Plan has now been completed, based on results of surveys completed by Assynt residents and workshops and drop-in sessions conducted by Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust through Summer/Autumn 2018.

The resultant document and its appendices are public documents, and are intended for use especially by organisations or individuals in Assynt.

The PDF version of the Assynt Community Plan can be accessed here.

Download PDF • 2.34MB

The PDF version of the full appendices can be accessed here.

Download • 3.52MB

Paper copies will be available at the Assynt Development Trust office.

The Assynt Community Plan is the equivalent for Assynt of the “Locality Plans” for different areas within Sutherland and the wider Highland area, which are intended to feed into the Highland region’s “Local Outcome Improvement Plan”. *

Assynt doesn’t get to have its own official Locality Plan, because only the five ‘most deprived’ areas in Sutherland are given a Locality Plan, and the chosen standard measurements of disadvantage are largely based on an urban context. However, the Assynt Community Plan contains the same kind of socio-economic information and key issues and aspirations, as contained in Locality Plans.

We hope the document will be useful for many purposes, including supporting funding applications by Assynt organisations and groups, for example.

Thanks to all at Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust, and to all Assynt residents who helped by completing questionnaires or attending events which helped shape this Plan.


* Each Scottish local authority area is required to produce a Local Outcome Improvement Plan, under the rules of the Community Empowerment Act. The Local Outcome Improvement Plans are then given special status in influencing decision-making by local authorities and public bodies. Community Planning Partnerships are the partnerships of local authorities and other public bodies which have been set up as part of the process of creating these Improvement Plans.

Links are below to the websites of:

The Sutherland Community Partnership,

and the wider Highland Community Planning Partnership.

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