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Democracy Matters Consultation

Lochinver Village Hall Tuesday 9th October 6.30-7.00pm

Assynt Development Trust are hosting this event tomorrow night (Tuesday October 9th) at the Village Hall in Lochinver at 6.30 for 7pm. Refreshments, soup and sandwiches etcetera will be available. John Sturrock QC will be facilitating the event for us. John brought his ‘Better Conversations’ tour to Lochinver last year and in his report stated, that the evening in Lochinver was “the best attended so far and felt really productive. Like many rural communities Assynt faces an uncertain future after March 29 2019 and we intend for this event to crystalise views on the way forward. We need a vision that keeps our communities both sustainable and ambitious for future housing development and most importantly fosters career opportunities for our young. We see this as an opportunity to send radical views back up the chain to the hopefully receptive ears of the Cabinet in Holyrood. We want to hear your voice! We want to hear your voice and the voices of your friends and neighbours in a discussion about local communities deciding their own future.

The way we live our lives is constantly changing; just think of all the changes that have happened in your lifetime. Democracy is changing too. It used to be that most citizens were content to cast their vote and then leave the decisions to others. Increasingly people want to share in making those decisions, or at least have a greater understanding as to why certain decisions have been made on their behalf. In order to make democracy work better for everyone, and especially for those who feel left out, we are asking people all over Scotland to consider a short set of questions.

Your Community. Your Ideas. Your Voice.

More information about the consultation is available on the Scottish Government website: Improving Public Services Democracy Matters There is also a short animation available on YouTube.

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