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Discover Assynt call meeting for Visitor Centre

Have you heard the rumour that the Assynt Visitor Centre in Lochinver is closing?

This is both true and not true….

Visit Scotland, who currently run the centre, are considering the renewal (or otherwise) of their lease. It is hoped that Visit Scotland will continue for at least one more year to give the Community of Assynt the opportunity to work together to create a locally run and sustainable Visitor Hub. The aim being to show visitors why they should stay longer here, thereby boosting our local economy and securing local jobs.

The Visitor Centre is no longer as vital for accommodation information and bookings, as it used to be, because most of this is now done online. However, when we see that on some days more than 300 people come into the Visitor Centre for local information they cannot find online, we realise how important a vibrant Visitor Centre can be.

When the Visitor Centre encourages people to stay longer they will use our local businesses where they can buy food and drink, newspapers, souvenirs, local crafts and find out about activities, live music etc. This ensures that local businesses and jobs flourish and new ones are created.

We’ve all seen a noticeable increase in the influx of visitors due to the NC500 and instead of them passing through quickly, we want to show them why they should stay longer here and return regularly to Assynt.

The Visitor Centre, with its exhibitions, Ranger Service, and local information, given by interested and knowledgeable staff, can excite the Visitor with so much to do in Assynt that they do not want to just pass through.

The threat of losing this Visitor Resource in Assynt is unacceptable.

In some other communities, tourist information is now being locally run. There is so much talent in Assynt that we can surely supply the Visitors’ desires for local goods and services and a conducive welcoming environment in which they can relax and explore all that Assynt has to offer.

Ideas have started to flow.

But new ideas are sought from you all.

Please come to the Public Meeting to air and share those ideas.

Wednesday 9th November

Village Hall


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